The Biggest Twitter Misconception:


It is about connecting, collaborating, learning & sharing.

Why You Should Use Twitter

I can honestly say that the biggest change to my teaching career has been twitter. Twitter is like having professional development, at your pace, based on your interest and needs, on a daily basis. It is collaboration with other like-minded teachers from around the world. Most of my ideas on this wiki come from twitter, shared by teachers I've never met.

Start with some of the beginner guides below. Gather who you follow carefully - these people and organizations become your "pln" - personal learning network. There is a definite learning curve to using twitter - don't give up, it is worth the time and effort! Start small, just be a "lurker" and listen in to what others are saying until you feel ready to join the conversations. Think of twitter like a waterfall - a constant flow of information. No one can drink it all, but when you are thirsty, feel free to dip in your mug and take a sip. Just let the rest flow by until you need some more. (I stole this idea from twitter also - sorry, can't remember who first posted the analogy. I modified it a bit.)

How to Use Social Media in Education

Getting Started - "How to" Guides