If it isn't broken.....

Sometimes in our excitement to embrace the newest technologies we forget about or discard the time-tested strategies that still really work well. So in the spirit of embracing ALL the tools that work in the classroom, here are our time-tested favorites that work, even when the computers crash and the power goes out. Let's face it, drawing on an ipad will never replace the sensory experience of creating with markers, glue and paint. Often the best tool for learning is the simplest, the messiest, or the time honored classic.

Graffitti Board
Graffitti Board

  1. Individual or Group White Boards
  2. Basic Art Supplies - markers, paint, glue, etc.
  3. "Graffitti" Boards
  4. Writing with different colors to signal different levels of importance (supported by current brain based research)
  5. Group collaboration & Discussion
  6. "Lectures" that incorporate socratic questioning
  7. "Thumbs up / Thumbs down" quick dipsticking method